Moments that Matter: A customer-centric approach to experience management

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  • Published March 2015
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Utilities worldwide are confronting the perfect storm. Demand is flattening for the first time in a century. Distributed generation is rising. New regulations are hitting the generation stack, and new competitors are entering the marketplace.

Tomorrow's energy consumers are at stake. To thrive for another century, utilities have to capture their attention, exceed their expectations, and earn their trust over the long haul. It starts with the customer experience.

Through a combination of utility executive interviews, call center data analysis and a global panel survey of utility customers, Opower's Consumer Insights team outlines how and where energy providers should invest in the customer experience to retain tomorrow's energy consumer.

In this white paper you will learn about:

  1. The state of the relationship between customers and their utility
  2. Which customer experiences matter most to your customers
  3. How your current customer experience is impacting satisfaction
  4. Low cost practices that could quickly increase satisfaction and decrease costs


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Moments that Matter: A customer-centric approach to experience management

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