Home Energy Management - Beyond the Numbers

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  • Published January 2011
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As we enter the “post-PC” era defined by Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M), Home Energy Management (HEM) systems have the potential to drastically change how we think and use energy. Reports such as "$3 Billion global revenues in 2014" and "15% savings from displaying energy usage" and more are making frequent headlines. Viewing these numbers in isolation provides only a partial and one-dimensional view of the issues facing the industry and what this means to companies.

Aricent’s “Home Energy Management - Beyond the Numbers" report looks behind some of the numbers and forecasts for home energy management and understand the implications for the future of smart homes and networks. The report also includes insights and recommendations for manufacturers and providers on how to avoid the pitfalls and be successful in the HEM market. Some of the key issues covered include:

-What’s the real revenue potential of the HEM market?
-What are the potential routes to market for companies?
-What infrastructure is required to make it meaningful?
-What are the potential savings to consumers?
-What are the paybacks?


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Home Energy Management - Beyond the Numbers

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