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  • Generating Station (Generating Plant or Power Plan : The location of prime movers, electric generators, and auxiliary equipment used for converting mechanical, chemical, and nuclear energy into electric energy.
  • Generating Unit : Combination of connected prime movers that produce electric power.
  • Generation (Electricity) : Process of producing electric energy by transforming other forms of energy.
  • Generation Charges : Part of the basic service charges on every customer's bill for producing electricity. Generation service is competitively priced and is not regulated by Public Utility Commissions. This charge depends on the terms of service between the customer and the supplier.
  • Generation Company (Genco) : A regulated or non-regulated entity (depending upon the industry structure) that operates and maintains existing generating plants. The Genco may own the generation plants or interact with the short term market on behalf of plant owners. In the context of restructuring the market for electricity, Genco is sometimes used to describe a specialized "marketer" for the generating plants formerly owned by a vertically-integrated utility.
  • Generation Dispatch and Control : Aggregation and dispatching (sending off to some location) generation from various generating facilities, providing backup and reliability services.
  • Generator : Machine used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Geothermal : An electric generating station in which steam tapped from the earth drives a turbine-generator, generating electricity.
  • Gigawatt : This is a unit of electric power equal to one billion watts, or one thousand megawatts - enough power to supply the needs of a medium-sized city.
  • Good Utility Practice : Methods and practices that are approved by a significant portion of the industry.
  • Greenfield Plant : This refers to a new electric power generating facility built from the ground up.
  • Grid : Matrix of an electrical distribution system.
  • Gross Generation : Amount of electric energy produced by generating units as measured at the generator terminals.

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