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WINDPOWER MONTHLY is the world’s leading wind energy news magazine — a uniquely independent information source on the rising star of the power sector. Authoritative and in-depth articles on political, industrial and technical developments in the global wind energy arena. National news updates which analyze, inform and put the news in focus, with regular charting of market forces, thought provoking editorials and incisive commentary of business and economic trends. In short, critical and agenda-setting journalism. Correspondents in 18 countries. Offices in Europe and the US. A news journal independent of outside economic and political interests. Twelve issues a year since 1985. Worldwide circulation.




Windpower Monthly News Magazine
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Addressing the Economic Challenges of Utilities Asset Managers & the Positive Financial Impact of MRO Inventory Optimization

Wednesday Dec 5, 2018 - 1:30 PM 2:30PM - Virtual Event

Join this free webcast to explore challenging economic issues and pressures by today's asset management team, best practices for MRO inventory optimization, and real success stories around implementing MRO inventory optimization and ROI achieved. more...

Driving Actionable Insights from Data

Thursday Dec 13, 2018 - 12:00 PM 1:00PM - Virtual Event

Utilities are bombarded with data and data security concerns. What is done with that data is what is crucial. Bringing together the physical and digital world to enable informed, real-time decisions that deliver a safer, smarter and more sustainable world more...

Asset Integrity and Maintenance Excellence

Monday Nov 26, 2018 - Tuesday Nov 27, 2018 - Melbourne, VI - Australia

Driving asset management excellence through data driven asset maintenance, Industry 4.0, technological advancements and reliability improvements. more...

Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Excellence 2018

Monday Dec 3, 2018 - Tuesday Dec 4, 2018 - Perth, WA - Australia

Strengthening STO operations through cost saving practices and workforce management to deliver timely and desired projects outcomes. more...

Energy from Waste

Tuesday Dec 4, 2018 - Wednesday Dec 5, 2018 - Greater London United Kingdom

The energy from waste market needs to be constantly adapting and improving to keep in check with new European and UK policies and legislation; and hit their required targets. more...