SKF USA, Inc. - 12.01.2005

SKF INSOCOATĀ® electrically insulated rolling bearings promote increased reliability and machine uptime by protecting against potential damage caused by the passage of electric current in AC and DC motors, generators, and associated equipment. They offer safe and economical solutions compared with other bearing insulation methods by integrating the electrical insulation function into the bearing.

Their thin aluminum oxide layer serves to form a superior barrier against electric arcing that typically causes fluting damage to rollers and raceways or grease oxidation. Such electrical erosion can often result in potential premature bearing failure, unscheduled machine downtime, and unanticipated maintenance costs.

INSOCOAT bearings have been performance tested to 1,000 V DC with a minimum ohmic resistance of 50 M. Experience has shown these coated bearings can also be an effective way to minimize bearing damage associated with high-frequency variable speed AC-motor controllers. They further benefit from treatment with a special sealant to provide high thermal stability and resistance to heat, chemicals, and moisture.

All INSOCOAT bearing boundary dimensions conform to ISO and ABMA standards and can easily replace non-insulated bearings without requiring design changes in an application or rework prior to normal mounting. They are suitable for all types of housings and most bearing types can be coated.


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