SKF USA, Inc. - 12.01.2005

New “BCU” control units can accommodate up to three SKF® Magnetic 24VDC actuators and can be highly programmed for application-focused system control. Their new standard plug system and integrated motor outputs extend customization capabilities. This promotes versatility by providing connections for either the same or different types of actuators in one unit.

The “BCU” (Basic Control Unit) integrates microprocessor technology and is equipped with built-in power supply, three motor outputs (DIN8) for actuators, handset, and hardwired power cable. Options include hand, foot, or desk switches and additional operating units. All “BCU” components have been engineered for high reliability and long service life (more than 100,000 cycles).

Among “BCU” safety features, first failure safety in accordance with EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 serves to interrupt operation upon detection of electric failures of internal and connected hardware; a relay protection circuit eliminates risk of arcs; and a security cover prevents accidental removal of plugs or other external interference.

The unit’s transformer protects against overload with a specialized thermal shield. Individual power cutoff protects actuators (if the limit value of current is exceeded) and total power cutoff protects the “BCU” (if several motors are in operation at the same time). IP X4 protection can be achieved with sealing plugs for unused outputs.

All “BCU” models are compact (191mm x 72mm x 147.5mm) and lightweight (2.3kg) for compatibility with smaller overall systems. Customized control unit solutions can be developed.


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