GE Energy Announces New Startup Improvements For Gas Turbine And Combined Cycle Applications

GE Energy - 12.06.2005

GE Energy announces two new offerings to its OpFlexâ„¢ product line, both designed to provide customers greater operational flexibility to respond to market conditions while reducing environmental impacts.

The first new offering, OpFlex Startup NOx, was developed to reduce NOx emissions during startup, low-load operation of 7F gas turbines with DLN 2.6 combustors. This product reduces NOx emissions to below 25ppm from 20 percent gas turbine load and up. GE Energy's Startup NOx employs advanced controls technology to enhance operational flexibility by reducing the costs of and restrictions to starting up at the most economically beneficial time.

The second new OpFlex offering, Startup Fuel Heating, applies more advanced turbine controls logic to exploit previously unexplored capabilities in the combustion system. This offering is designed to reduce or even eliminate pauses during the start sequence while waiting for the fuel to reach rated fuel temperature. The reduction or elimination of this hold provides faster starts and reduced startup costs for gas turbine or combined-cycle applications.

These offerings are the latest technology breakthroughs in GE's OpFlex (Operational Flexibility) portfolio. Other offerings in the OpFlex family include: OpFlex Airflow, OpFlex Peak and OpFlex Turndown. All are designed to expand the 7FA+e (PG7241) operating boundaries and to provide greater operational flexibility.

OpFlex Airflow provides increased output of the gas turbine above the operational range by increasing the compressor flow capacity. This is achieved by fitting the unit with new combustion control logic and by controlling the unit to a higher IGV angle at base load.

OpFlex Peak provides increased output of the gas turbine above the operational range by adding peak load functionality. This permits the safe operation of the turbine at higher firing temperatures when demand for more output capacity is at a premium.

OpFlex Turndown expands the operating profile of the unit at the low end of the emissions-compliant load range by increasing the gas turbine turndown capability. Five to 15 percent of additional turndown can be achieved with a new nominal turndown value of 40 percent load while maintaining emission compliance.

"GE is committed to finding innovative ways to help customers meet the demands of a changing power market," said Dan Heintzelman, president of GE Energy's services business. "Meeting emissions levels and creating operational flexibility for a power market in constant flux is the kind of challenge GE embraces. Our 50-year history of turbine expertise and strong customer relationships attest to this."


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