GE Energy Named Turbine Supplier For New Power Plant in Nigeria

GE Energy - 10.24.2005

GE Energy will supply four Frame 9E gas turbines to be installed during 2006 for a new, 480-megawatt, simple-cycle power plant in Alaoji, Abia State, Nigeria.

GE's technology was selected by Rockson Engineering of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, the main contractor for the project. The Alaoji plant, which is being built to help meet Nigeria's growing need for electricity, will supply power to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

"GE is happy to be supporting this project to help meet Nigeria's growing demand for electricity. The 9E gas turbine is a well-proven, flexible workhorse for 50-hertz applications," said Abdullah Taibah, Region Executive and General Manager of GE Energy, Middle East & Africa.

Designed for high availability and low maintenance costs, GE's Frame 9E gas turbines have accumulated more than 14 million hours of utility and industrial service worldwide.

The four GE gas turbines will be manufactured at GE Energy's facilities in Belfort, France, and will be shipped to Nigeria during the first four months of 2006. The first two units will be installed in June 2006 and the second two machines in August of 2006.

In addition to the gas turbines, the scope of the GE contract includes generators, all major plant accessories, site technical support, performance testing, training and spare parts.

GE Energy has more than 70 heavy duty gas turbines installed in Nigeria.


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