Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc - 08.24.2005

Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc. has been awarded the design, supply and installation of Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) systems at PPL Corporation’s Montour power plant, Units 1 and 2, in Washingtonville, Pennsylvania. PPL, also, has an option for Wheelabrator to design, supply and install two similar systems at PPL’s Brunner Island power plant, Units 1, 2 and 3.

The Wet FGD systems at Montour will be designed to remove between 95 and 97 percent of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from the station’s coal-fired boilers, which generate about 760 megawatts each.

The scope of the Montour project includes two Dual Flow Tray absorbers using limestone forced oxidation chemistry, with reagent preparation and dewatering systems common to the two units, and production of a commercial grade gypsum byproduct.

Construction of the Wet FGD systems is scheduled to begin in April 2006 and is expected to be completed in May 2008.

In 1999, Wheelabrator received a contract for two turnkey VIGR™ electrostatic precipitator systems to control particulate emissions from PPL’s Montour power plant. That project was completed in 2001. The new Wet FGD systems will be downstream of these electrostatic precipitators.

“PPL’s award of another air pollution control contract offers Wheelabrator the opportunity to provide the highest quality products and services to this valued customer. We look forward to continuing our relationship with PPL,” said Wheelabrator President Antonio J. DoVale, Jr.


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