Utility of the Future

Posted on March 14, 2016

Utility of the Future, and the rebranding of the wastewater industry into a resource recovery industry, converting wastewater into renewable energy and other valuable products.  Wastewater facilities generate biofuel blended with natural gas to power co-generation for district energy.  The construction is done in concert with multiple conveyances in a shared trench.  Wastewater collection, recycled water, thermal energy, electricity and data installed together reduce the cost for each utility function.  The concept envisions a district (ecodistrict) smart system which enjoys savings and sustainability, enhanced energy security and the opportunity to turn the need to sewer to comply with clean water act environmental regulations into an opportunity for economic development and lower cost of living. 

On the White House level the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology have envisioned a City of the Future, which follows this same train of thought.  The White House describes the intitiative as a 100 year cycle to upgade the way we plan and carry our our urban community development.  That the old siloed approach to utility planning is outmoded, having come about due to the evolutionary timeline of the various technologies; water, wastewater, energy, and data, not because it is efficient or cost effective but because it was the way it was always done.   This is a very exciting time in the utility marketplace which could lead to more efficient, sustainable and dynamic communities.  

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March, 15 2016

Richard Vesel says

Details? Diagrams?

Sounds logical, but need more meat on the idea.


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