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Nuclear Reactor Overview and Nuclear Cycles

Published By Edutech Enterprises

  • By John K. Sutherland
  • Published April 2004
  • 42 Page(s)

This paper provides a broad overview of most of the known nuclear reactors: natural reactors of the past and present, and research, naval and commercial reactors operating in the world today. It looks briefly at the major reactor types operating in the world today, with some consideration of possible future reactor types and operation, including the Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR), the thorium breeder reactor, Accelerator Driven reactor Systems (ADS) and fusion energy. It briefly describes the major features of the common reactor operating cycles along with their advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of spent fuel reprocessing, weapons destruction, radioactive waste disposal volumes and fuel reserve outlook, which can be extended to millions of years with the various breeder cycles. The nuclear cycle with reprocessing, is regarded as a renewable source of energy.

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