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Perspective on Risks in Society

Published By Edutech Enterprises

  • By John K. Sutherland
  • Published April 2004
  • 41 Page(s)

This paper examines how society evaluates and addresses risks. Unfortunately, society mostly views risks from an emotional point of view, and rarely gets them right. As a result, social spending - outside the obviously beneficial and politically sensitive activities of funding health, education and welfare - is often misdirected into areas of political or environmental interest; usually where there is the greatest misinformation and the loudest clamor for action, yet the least risk to anyone in society or even to the environment. There is a socially destructive tendency to place infinite value upon addressing perceived environmental risks while placing zero value upon addressing human and social progress and development, despite the fact that progress of humanity, and wealth development, translates into environmental benefit, while the reverse results in environmental damage.

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