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Thursday Apr 25, 2019 - Friday Apr 26, 2019 Presented by HHB EXPO

You will able to participate in the decision-making mechanisms of public / private institutions and establishments within the context of smart grids and cities and exchange information with the relevant authorities. You can also be informed about the solutions developed by energy companies, manufacturers, software companies, distribution companies and GSM Operators.

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Event Price: 50.00 (TL)

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Contact Name: MELIKE UYSAL
Phone: +903124383811
Fax: +903124383682

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The main purpose of smart grids is to prevent power cuts through automatic measuring systems by conducting situation analysis; to provide grid reliability by controlling over loads and failures; to include renewable energy resources into the system and; to control uncontrollable, untraceable energy consumption and losses via this system.The functions of automatic meter reading system can be summarized as saving the identity data of the meters, such data that serve as basis for accruals and billing and meter status data in data centers in historical order and convenience of different reporting methods, timely and correct tracing at measurement points and provision of consistent data for billing systems to significantly reduce energy losses.

In order to avoid irreversible results of climate change, global cooperation and collaboration is vital and has been needed. International and national intervention must be established considering the rising negative effects of climate change.

In this context, the need and procurement of energy and natural resources in short and long term period is vital. The rise of smart cities globally is directly engaged with development of smart grid. Therefore, applying smart grid systems to smart cities is inevitable. In this reason, the capacity of our cities to adopt and transform themselves to energy distribution change is important. Turkey is focusing to benefit from renewable energy resources and technologies which are creating energy efficiency.

It is widely expected that current energy grid system will shift to smart grid management systems and these systems will become widespread in international area. It is firmly believed that this congress will make significant contributions to enable a more rational utilization of the ever – growing energy demand of the world and to smart meter policy and strategies as well as to smart buildings and automation systems.