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The Woodstock Hydro Story: Microgrids, Rooftop Solar, Household Storage and Whatever the Future Might Bring

Thursday Jan 21, 2016 - 12:00 PM Eastern Presented by Energy Central
Virtual Event

In Ontario, an innovative regional electricity utility envisions a future characterized by microgrids, rooftop solar and household storage options both capable of meeting customer desires for distributed generation and of carrying its consumers through major outages. But how many customers are prepared to put their own renewable generation into place?

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And, can they generate enough power to make a go of it when disconnected from the grid? Utility managers also wanted to explore how multiple distributed energy resources work together.

To answer these questions, the utility built a research test site that creates the data needed for thorough analysis of these issues. The test site also serves as a venue for public education on what it takes to go off-grid with household generation and storage.

With a goal of better understanding how customers use energy and what can be expected from household solar generation, Woodstock Hydro's Whites Lane MicroGRID initiative is testing new technologies to demonstrate a small distribution system that will eventually have the ability to couple or de-couple with the greater distribution grid.

This webinar will present the results of this highly innovative and interesting project, which encompasses capturing and analyzing data from photovoltaic solar generation, lead-acid energy storage, inverter equipment, electric chargers and vehicles, as well as smart metering to monitor bi-directional flows of energy. Phase 2 adds in a weather station, a power quality analyzer, SCADA, analytics for smart meter data, additional solar generation, lithium-ion energy storage, customer monitoring equipment and more enhanced peak demand response capabilities.

Learn how the utility is testing new technologies to reduce its dependence on traditional generation while also engaging the community like never before.


Jay Heaman
Manager of Operations, Woodstock Hydro Services Inc.

Jay Heaman is Manager of Operations for Woodstock Hydro Services Inc., a small electric utility serving 15000 customers in South Western Ontario Canada. He has worked in most areas of the utility business for the past 27 years, the most recent challenge being the gathering of new technologies into a manageable microGRID test project.

Jack Robertson
Vice President and General Manager, Elster Solutions Canada

Jack is responsible for all of Elster’s activities in Canada related to electricity systems and metering. He has spent over 30 years in the Electricity and Water Industry with GE, Brown Boveri, ABB and since 2002 with Elster Solutions. Jack has held various General Management positions since 1993, leading various Transmission, Distribution, Metering, Systems and Automation businesses.

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