Investors keeping an eye on Smart Buildings

Posted on March 23, 2016
Posted By: Patrick McVeigh
p>Mainstream views of investing have evolved. Themes are emerging that reflect the rise of transparency, global connectedness, and a new generation of consumers that is focused on investing with a conscience. The trend is typified by the enthusiasm of the private sector at the conclusion of last year’s Paris summit on climate change (COP21).

Energy is, of course, a high profile theme at the center of it all.  Renewable energy (i.e., solar and wind) is most commonly recognized as the cornerstone of sustainability, but infrastructure and back-end technology may be the real keys to widespread adoption. Creating greater efficiency through smart buildings is one of the critical first steps – and as this infographic shows, leaders in the arena have the opportunity to set the tone for the future.  How effectively can energy consumption be mitigated as urban populations continue to climb?

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Patrick is widely recognized as a pioneer in bringing traditional investment management together with socially responsible investing. Since 1995, Patrick has been project manager for groundbreaking studies by the Social Investment Forum, tracking the growth of SRI and its investment impact.

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