Stephen Heins

Title: Energy Columnist
Company: The Word Merchant, LLC
Member Since: 07/15/2002

- Bio -

Stephen Heins, aka “The Blizzard of One,” is an energy consultant and nationally-published writer who has gained some attention for his expertise in energy, federal regulations, environmental and broadband policy issues.

Heins promotes economic development, energy efficiency and emission reductions at the local, state and national levels. He has published more than 70 articles and op-ed pieces on energy, energy policy, utility industry and environmental issues for newspapers, energy and trade magazines.

Going by the title, "The Word Merchant," Heins writes Op-Eds on related to the activities of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including its controversial Clean Power Plan.

Heins' policy-oriented writings also address topics including Cooperative Federalism, the U.S. electrical grid, state utility commissions, and fracking and the natural gas revolution in U.S.

Heins currently owns Word Merchant, LLC.

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