Claude Cahen

Title: Director of Energy Technologies
Company: Green Box NA
Member Since: 06/16/2011

- Bio -

Claude Cahen holds an Engineering Master, a PhD in Physics from Pierre et Marie Curie, an Executive MBA from HEC. Dr Claude Cahen has spearheaded over 20 biomass/biogas, bio-fuel, and energy storage projects with Electricit√© de France and its subsidiaries.  Claude possesses a vast knowledge of major US and European utilities and the renewable energy market. The last 4 years with EDF, Claude was in charge of conducting M&A in North America for its subsidiary dedicated to renewable energy based in San Diego, CA. During his assignment, Claude has developed 2 of the largest biogas in the US. Claude has joined Green Box NA in 2011 as Director of Energy Technologies. Dr Cahen contributes to the optimization and design of waste-to-energy units.  Green Box NA is an effective partner in zero waste to landfill projects of various very large American cities: This includes diesel#2 productions from waste plastic by pyrolysis combined with heat loss recovery for tissue making machines. For some abroad projects, the design switches to optimization of electricity production up to 80 MW capacity facilities. Lately, Claude is the editor of Waste to Energy conversion handbook for Reliability Information Analysis Center (2014) and a contribution to the climate change fight entitled “Climate Change - A bold approach to CO2 Emission Reduction for the US” published by EnergyPulse (2015).

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