Posted By: Kathleen Wolf Davis
On: September 12, 2016
I’m writing this piece on National Lineman Appreciation Day---well, sort of. While most recognize April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day, America’s electric cooperatives celebrate the event on the second Monday in April. (That’s April 11 this year.)So, I’m writing about a lineman on one National Lineman Appreciation Day in an ... more...
Filed under: T&D Reliability
Posted By: David Pope
On: September 9, 2016
Co-author: Blanden Chisum No matter what energy source is being used to generate electricity analytics can help improve the overall business processes and costs that utilities base their operations on every day.   The use of national gas (NG) and the power of improving the overall accuracy of forecasts associated with the ... more...
Filed under: Fossil & Biomass
Posted By: Kathleen Wolf Davis
On: September 7, 2016
About a week ago we shared a chat with Mike Ahern, director at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), on the importance of education to adapt to the changes in this industry. Recently, we talk to a student at WPI to further drive home that point. Read the first chat with Ahern ... more...
Filed under: Human Resourcess
Posted By: Corrie Goldman
On: September 5, 2016
Routers and switches in power grid communication networks direct electricity where it’s needed, when it’s needed. By and large, the switches are managed by predetermined, preprogrammed commands. This static IP networking architecture is nearly impossible to reconfigure on the fly, hardly an ideal scenario given how quickly energy moves on the ... more...
Filed under: Risk Management
Posted By: Kathleen Haley
On: September 2, 2016
The remaining funds in a $4.2 million solar rebate program for Alameda Municipal Power’s (AMP) commercial and residential customers have been committed to a local solar project, demonstrating the community’s support of clean, sustainable and renewable power. Harbor Bay One LLC’s solar project recently became the final project to reserve ... more...
Filed under: Solar
Posted By: Dr. Nokhum Markushevich
On: August 31, 2016
The “Volt / var with var priority” function is considered as one of the functions of the Smart Distribution Grid 1. The primary objective of this function is to support voltage quality and/or var requirements by providing more reactive power from the distributed energy resources (DER) by reduction of the ... more...
Filed under: Distribution Management Systems
Posted By: Ellen Steiner
On: August 29, 2016
The world has moved from the “age of information” (1990 – 2010) into the “age of the customer.”  This is no longer the “customer-centric” paradigm that companies have embraced over recent decades. It’s a period characterized by the rise of the empowered customer who is armed with more information than ... more...
Filed under: Customer Care
Posted By: David Pope
On: August 26, 2016
Co-author: Tom Anderson Using analytics on your meter data can help detect and remedy non-technical loss (NTL).  Some people associate non-technical loss with just theft, but that is only a part of NTL there is also other categories like poor equipment maintenance, faulty equipment, missing meter reads, or even administrative related ... more...
Filed under: Metering
Posted By: Kathleen Wolf Davis
On: August 24, 2016
This month, FERC released a new Common Metrics Report (AD14-15-000) that gives a glimpse inside regional transmission organizations and independent system operators.  Key insights from the report's executive summary include: RTOs and ISOs managed the dispatch of energy from a diverse set of generating fuel-types from 2010-2014. RTOs and ISOs ... more...
Filed under: T&D Reliability
Posted By: Todd Brecher
On: August 22, 2016
Co-authors: David Applebaum, George (Chip) Cannon Jr. & John Michael White On July 21, 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or "Commission") issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) proposing to (1) collect a wide range of "connected entity" data for market surveillance and enforcement purposes from market-based rate (MBR) sellers and entities trading virtual ... more...
Filed under: Policy, Regulatory & Legal

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